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Stuart A Bagnall's Ancestors

"Mill End", Penkridge, Staffordshire.

The final home of Randle Bagnall and his sister Sarah
Bagnall (nee Bagnall).

The first photograph was taken by my great great Grandfather Walter and his wife
Sarah Bagnall's son William in 1887 on his return visit home to the UK
from Australia, where he had emigrated to in the 1850's. Widow Sarah then
aged 79 was living at Mill End with her widower brother Randle
then aged 82, her husband Walter having passed away in 1862
at the age of 67.

Sarah and Randle died in the cottage on the same day,
4 January 1891
at the ages of 83 and 86 respectively, Sarah passing away in the morning,
and Randle a few hours later in the afternoon.

for brief a obituary for Randle and the report of their deaths in the "Staffordshire Advertiser" of 10 January 1891.

The second photo is of the house as it was in 1991.

Thanks to Barbara Cooper (nee Bagnall) of Sydney Australia for these photographs.

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