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I live not far from Bagnall Village but I'm not native to the area of the village.. I was delighted when I relocated to Staffordshire and realised how near I was to the root of the family surname.

When I was young I copied down the sparse family tree details that my father possessed. He had only a passing interest in genealogy and placenames had been misspelt and many dates had been copied incorrectly. The information I had been given commenced with the details of great-great grandparents and I set out to explore the family tree further.

My great-great grandfather was called Walter Bagnall. His wife Sarah also had the maiden surname of Bagnall before her marriage to him. I subsequently discovered that they came from different branches of the family which were living in Penkridge, south Staffordshire at the time.

Walter's family were traceable back to Eccleshall, Staffordshire and his wife Sarah Bagnall's forebears can be traced back to Cheddleton, North Staffordshire (about 3miles from Bagnall village). The two different branches of the my Bagnall family had moved into the village of Penkridge at different times. Walter's line had the longest period of residence in the village - approximately 150 years.

I researched as much as time would permit and my first web-site put me in touch with two fourth cousins who were also descended from those same mutual great-great grandparents, and we have exchanged family information.

I discovered that on the male Bagnall line my great/great/great grandfather John Bagnall was born in 1761 in Penkridge, Staffordshire (some 24 miles to the south of Bagnall village), where he married Lucy Benton (b. 1757). I have names of generations earlier than John but these are not proven, so I have not published them. His descendants lived in the Penkridge until Walter and Sarah's children eventually all left the village due to the continuing industrial revolution in England and the arrival of the railway in Penkridge in 1835.

My family branch moved to Shipley, Yorkshire with my great grandfather Thomas Bagnall. My grandfather moved his family to Lancashire, and my father moved us to Cheshire. I landed up back in Staffordshire care of the Royal Air Force and so the grand circle was completed!

I have details of generations prior to the above John Bagnall on the male Bagnall line and Sarah Bagnall on the female Bagnall line, but the details cannot be proven, so I have left them off my abbreviated family tree which you can jump to by clicking here. This site also has a wider database of the family tree which you can access by clicking here.

We suspect that my paternal line goes back to William Bagnall in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, who possibly had a father called William, and also that our great/great grandmother Sarah's other Bagnall line goes back to Randle Bagnall at Cheddleton, Staffordshire (just 3 miles from Bagnall village). We have details of this Randle's suspected parents but they have not yet been proven and so have been omitted from the information shown on this site.

Whilst time has prevented me from further researching and validating my family history, this site my be useful to you if you think your own branch of the Bagnalls may link to mine.

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Stuart A. Bagnall


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