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Guide to travel with pets to United Kingdom

When we decide to go live outside, one of the doubts that arises to us that we have animals is how we can do it to take it with us. With what company is it best to make the transfer, how much does it cost, what requirements must the animal meet in order to fly and, once in England, how to find rental apartments that accept animals. All these doubts that hover over the heads of those we have mascot – and we can not be separated from them more than two days in a row – are then resolved.

Earth, sea or air?

Animals can travel to the UK by land, sea and air. What is the most recommended? The most expensive, of course, is the plane.  One of the companies that we know that travels with animals from Spain to the United Kingdom is Air Europa, on flights to London Heathrow or London Gatwick.

If you are worried about the safety and comfort of animals flying with the airlines, I recommend this article that answers the questions about where the animals will be during the trip, if they should eat, carry toys, who supervises them during the trip, etc. .

s for the sea option, we can only travel with our pet on ferri if we take car. The animal will travel inside your transporter in the car. In this case, rabbits are not welcome.

In the following website, on the other hand, we explain the requirements that dogs and cats must meet to travel by sea and the price of the trip:

And by land, one way to transport the animals to UK is to make the route that crosses the west of France to Calais. Once there, there are two options: cross the channel using the Eurotunnel or take a ferry. The couple of the following video recommends us to use the Eurotunnel.

You can be with the dogs that weigh under 15 pounds and it is cheaper than the other options. According to the official website, there are 16 pounds per animal.

Companies specialized in the transfer of animals

In case you decide to hire an animal transfer company to do the service, there is Pets Travel With Us . They carry and transport international pets with monthly routes to England . They offer routes by road and ferries from Santander to Portsmouth, as well as an exclusive attention to the animal to be comfortable throughout the trip. On the website of this family business is all the information you need and how to contact them.

Flash Fryer without oil Philips Air Fryer

We have seen this Philips Air Fryer HD9220 / 20 healthy fryer on Amazon UK even cheaper than on previous occasions, since now you can take it home for just 96 euros, including shipping costs. Remember to pay in pounds so that the exchange rate is more favorable.
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As they say on the website This fryer can reduce fat by 80% thanks to its RapidAir technology, so in addition to improving your diet you get big savings in spending oil. So you can cook those dishes that we like and we banned them, with much less fat, making them much healthier. It also has a timer, so you do not have to be sloped while cooking, thus optimizing your time, and the best thing is that you can clean the interior parts in the dishwasher giving you more comfort.
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The price recommended by Philips for this fryer is 183.99 euros, which is what costs on the Philips website , similar price to what we are asked in Fnac , while on have lowered to 157 euros, but still Being 62 euros more than in the offer of Amazon UK , where as always are already added shipping costs.


Cleaning tiles with a steam mop is the perfect cleaning solution, as a steam mop will allow you to not only clean the surface of the tiles, but also get between the tiles and effectively clean the areas with grout as well. A steam mop for tile allows you to fill once with water, and clean an entire plant, unlike the traditional mop that forces you to soak in the water, turn out the water, and then repeatedly clean. The steam reaches high temperatures that kill germs and bacteria, something a normal mop alone could not kill. Using a steam mop also eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals that can damage tile over time.

Attach a clean mop to the steam mop, which fits comfortably around the mop. You can also make your own mop head by wrapping a small towel around the head of the mop, and then placing it in place by using a clamp on each side of the mop handle.

Fill the water container with tap water, and connect the steam mop to an electrical outlet.

Adjust to the steam position you would like to use. A low level of steam works best for this cleaning job because you want to use little moisture when the soil areas contain the cleaning grout. This will allow water to evaporate quickly, avoiding over-saturation.

When the steam begins to emit from the mop, clean it firmly on the floor as you would normally with a traditional mop. Wipe back and forth, making sure to get between the tiles to clean the areas with grout.

Continue until the entire floor has been cleaned, and the floor dries almost instantly, as the hot steam temperatures will vaporize the water vapor in a very short period of time.

Scrub heavily cemented areas with an old toothbrush after using the steam mop. The residue is scraped more easily with the toothbrush, which fits perfectly to the grout lines.

Clean once more with the steam mop to remove residue that has been loosened with the toothbrush.

Turn the steam cleaner on and allow it to cool for 10 minutes.

Remove the mop head cover from the steam mop, and wash in the washing machine as it was to wash your bath towels or similar items.

Bagnall Physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, who is better?

Lately there are many patients who ask me what differences exist between a physiotherapist, an osteopath and a local chiropractor, or even a masseuse. I think for the world of physiotherapy the difference is clear, but not so much for other people, including some fellow health workers. Here my small contribution to try to clarify the doubts, is the first time that I write in a blog so I hope that it is useful to somebody to him.

What is a physiotherapist?

There are many definitions to determine what a physiotherapist is, one of them was given by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1958. According to the WHO, physiotherapy is “the science of treatment through: physical means, therapeutic exercise, In addition, physiotherapy includes performing electrical and manual tests to determine the value of muscle involvement and strength, tests to determine functional abilities, range of joint movement and measures of vital capacity, as well as diagnostic aids for The control of evolution “.

What does this mean? As it is the physiotherapist is trained to apply all these therapies: not only do we massage but we can apply valid and necessary techniques in areas as specific as neurology or respiratory, through cardiology and never forget the musculoskeletal system, on All with therapeutic exercise and physical means. We are also able to diagnose ourselves. All this thanks to the knowledge acquired through university training, currently four years in our country.

So what is a chiropractor ?, and an osteopath …?

A chiropractor is a person who works specifically on the musculoskeletal system of the patient in order to correct their problems in the nervous system and musculoskeletal, as well as the effects that these problems bring on their health. Treatment does not require surgery or drugs. Many people associate chiropractors with work in the spine. However, they are dedicated to the musculoskeletal system.

Osteopathy has a different approach to care: part of a system of diagnosis and specific treatment to influence the structure of the individual and the mechanical problems that may appear. It was developed by Andrew Taylor Still and is based on the belief that bones, muscles, joints and connective tissue not only have the obvious function of being part of our body, but they play an essential role in maintaining health. They focus their praxis on the treatment of soft tissues: they seek to release the energy trapped in the muscles through manipulations.

Where is the problem ?: Maneuvers can be as effective as any other.

The problem is not the technique but, in Spain, these areas of knowledge – chiropractic and osteopathy – belong to the physiotherapist, the only one who can legally practice them.

“The Spanish legislation (Royal Decree 1001/2002) establishes that it is the functions of physiotherapists, among others, the establishment and application of all physical means that can be used with therapeutic effects in the treatment … and the performance of acts and treatments of massage , Chiropractic osteopathy, reflex therapeutic techniques and other specific, alternative or complementary manual therapy related to the field of physiotherapy, “Miguel Villafaina, president of the General Council of Physiotherapists’ Colleges in Spain, told the magazine of the Valencian school.

Osteopathy and chiropractic are recognized by the WHO as complementary traditional medicine and values that should be qualified and regulated health professionals who apply them. That is the difference, in Spain they are considered knowledge of physical therapy and the training to exercise them can only be taught legally in the Physiotherapy faculties or in the official postgraduate courses.

Article 27 (1) of the Constitution recognizes freedom of education, which makes it possible, apart from official training, to have other types of regulated education. These, as they are not officially recognized, lack any possibility of professional qualification, by much name that has the entity that imparts them.

In the case of masseurs it is similar, it is not a university teaching and only the physiotherapist can apply the therapeutic massage. A relaxing massage could be applied by a masseur but his knowledge of the musculoskeletal system will always be less than that of a physiotherapist.

In conclusion, I never disqualify the techniques used in osteopathy or chiropractic, on the contrary, I value them as useful, as an additional tool when it comes to treating the patient. Nor do I consider that one technique is more valid than another, it will always depend on the state of the user, since each patient is unique and so should be their treatment. The only thing I point out is that, when it comes to choosing who we should leave our health in, we must make sure that the chiropractor or osteopath before has to treat us has attended the career of physiotherapist and is legally qualified to apply the therapy he deems appropriate .

Eating fat is not fattening, British researchers say

A new report developed by the National Obesity Forum UK (NOF) and the collaboration of British Public Health (Public Health Collaboration) contradicts what we believe 30 years: Eating fat makes you fat.

In fact , these organizations have alarmed that low – fat diets to lower cholesterol are assuming “disastrous consequences” on public health as these have resulted in an increase in carbohydrates and junk food in general.

As a result, the report argues that the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has to face spending 6 billion to intended obesity crisis year afflicting the country for this policy based on “bad science” that Has been the official since 1983.

“Current efforts have failed and the proof is that obesity levels are higher than ever and there is no possibility of reducing despite the best efforts of governments and scientists , ” noted Professor David Haslam , chairman of the Forum National Obesity (NOF).

On the other hand Dr. Aseem Malhotra , a specialist cardiologist and member of the British Public Health Collaboration (Public Health Collaboration) follows the same line as Professor Haslam saying that low fat diets are perhaps “the biggest mistake in history modern medical and that has resulted in devastating consequences for public health ” . In addition, Dr. Malhotra also suggests that the scientific integrity of the advice of public health service in England has been compromised by commercial interests .

“Eat fat for weight loss. Do not fear; Fat is your friend ” , concluded the doctor.

These are the main points of this report.

Dairy can protect the heart
The authors claim the return of food such as meat, fish, dairy and other healthy foods rich in fats like avocados . The report, which has had a negative review in the scientific community, also argues that saturated fat does not cause heart disease and a hormone diet rich in dairy products like milk, yogurt and milk, may actually protect the heart.

Causes of obesity
The report notes that eating between meals is one of the main causes of the current obesity crisis and argues that the added sugar should be eliminated because it “has no nutritional value.” Moreover, the fact of counting calories to control obesity also leads to error because the calories are “completely different effects on the human body.”

Physical exercise is not the solution
Another of the points mentioned in this report is the ‘incorrect’ belief that the solution to obesity is to burn more calories than those consumed. “Obesity is a hormonal disorder that produces an abnormal distribution of energy that can not be solved solely by increasing physical exercise.”

Tag Elimination and Diet for Type 2 Diabetes
Moreover, the researchers also claim that processed foods under the label of ‘low fat’, ‘low in cholesterol’ and ‘light’ must be eliminated s at any cost and that people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should carry a fat diet rather than one based on carbohydrates.

Furthermore many voices have been raised against this new research . One of them, Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, Naveed Sattar. “The main headline of this report is simply that you eat more fat. This is highly contentious and could have adverse consequences for public health “.

For his part, Dr Mike Knapton , associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation said that the report ‘s findings are ” full of ideas and opinion ” and that “the high rate of obesity in the country not because dietary guidelines are bad but they are not being met . “


I must say that the relationship between the United Kingdom and Mauritius is cordial and we have very strong ties. Many of the people here even have cultural links. There, It s also a historic link valued by people from all walks of life. Most ministers I met have had the benefit of education ..? in the UK at some point in his career and this great Many of the things that happen on the island of Mauritius, he thinks, are influenced by the British Educational thought; so they are, in a way, many of the political, social, cultural, economic policy decisions and other measures. the UK is very present in the lives of people ,Dr Murton says. Including trade and investment, he adds, between the two countries are vibrant. UK remains one of the biggest partners and investment from the UK here are very important, and growing. New investments continue to arrive inch Later this year, Virgin Atlantic Airline will be here. It will be very good for Mauritius. It will bring Mauritius a little closer to UK.

It is clear that as villa mauritius continues to develop its different sectors of the economy, of the sugar to knowledge hub, more investments will flow in the UK and will remain an important element of our relationship , , He says. Dr Murton says with the changes places in the world, Mauritius is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the world economy as it develops.  I think the people here here are ready to seize opportunities , He adds. During his stay in Mauritius, you will have to concentrate on certain priorities identified by his government. There are 10 strategic international priorities over the next five to ten years.Underline says, how closely domestic and international policies are linked:

1) Mauricio making sure global terrorism and weapons of mass destruction;

2) Harm reduction to the UK from international crime, including drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering;

3) Prevention and resolution of conflict through a strong international system;

4) Building an effective and globally competitive EU in a secure neighborhood;

5) Support for the UK economy and business through an open and expanding global economy, science and innovation and secure energy supply;

6) Achieving climate security by promoting a faster transition to a sustainable low carbon global economy;

7)  Promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction Mauritius under the new British diplomatunderpinned by human rights, democracy, good governance and environmental protection;

8)  Management of migration and the fight against illegal immigration;

9)  Offering high quality support for British nationals abroad, in normal times and cries; Y

10) Ensuring security and good governance of the UK? S Overseas Territories.

There are very few of these that can be solved solely on a bilateral basis ,? Dr Murton points out and says Mauritius can be a strong partner in collaborating on these issues. ? Already Mauritius is playing an important role in international and regional affairs. It has been the biggest critic of the regime of Zimbabwe. This position has been welcomed by the UK and a strong partner for this country remains ,? He adds.

Visa for the UK

Mauritius national do not need a visa for the United Kingdom as a visitor for less than six months. However, upon arrival must convince the immigration officer that one qualifies to enter the United Kingdom as a visitor under immigration rules. The same rule applies to going for a business trip.

In the case of students, it? Sa little different. If they are allowed to enter the UK as a student for up to six months, they will not be allowed to extend their stay unless they arrived with a student or student advance visa, or are studying in a course at grade level or higher .

The home office will charge a fee apply to extend their stay. If you entered the United Kingdom as a visitor, and is still in the UK as a visitor, that person will not be allowed to switch to student status. This is due to change immigration rules that came into force on April 3, 2006 A word of warning :. Although you do not need a visa, it is always advisable to seek clarification, information and advice from the Office of the High Commissioner in Port Louis.

Travel with James Bond: the locations of his films in UK

William Warby

James Bond is known worldwide for its martinis with vodka, for its style, its appeal and its action-packed missions, besides being one of the leading British symbols. The famous MI6 agent has traveled throughout the world, breaking hearts and fulfilling missions. To learn more about him, watch his movies on project free tv.

In this post we wanted to collect some of the best locations in the Bond films in the UK.

1. Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire

Berkshire, net_efekt

In ‘View to a Kill’, James Bond visit Ascot to meet the owner of Zorin Industries. Roger Moore dressed for the occasion completely to the nines, with a hat and drink botonier gray.

2. Elveden Hall, Suffolk

Getting into the skin of James Bond for the first time, the shooting took Timothy Dalton to Elveden Hall in Suffolk.’007: High Voltage’ is the fifteenth Bond film, and one of only two in which Dalton appeared.

3. Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough

Railroad, Lawrence Lee

This location is very popular among the filmmakers, and the saga of James Bond has used this railway twice to date: the first was in ‘Octopussy’ in 1983, and more recently in ‘GoldenEye’ in 1995, you can see these movies on Movie25

4. Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire, Carine06

Another recurring for such films is the Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire. Not only was used for ‘Goldfinger’ in 1964, but in 1997 for ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and even in some of the scenes between Bridget and Daniel in ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’.

5. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Pierce Brosnan acted for the third time as James Bond in ‘The World is Not Enough Never’. This iconic castle, situated on a small island in Loch Duich, provided a stunning location for the filming of the Bond blockbuster.

6. The City of London

London, William Warby

In the opening scenes of ‘The World is Not Enough’ you can see a boat chase along the Thames River in London.The public has the opportunity to see some of the most distinctive buildings of the capital as the London docks, or its red double-decker buses monuments.

7. The Eden Project, Cornwall

Karen Roe

Eden Project biomes welcomed the filming of ‘Die Another Day’, when Pierce Brosnan was still 007.

8. The National Gallery, London

National Gallery, Tom Godber

James Bond meets Q in this famous art museum that houses some works with centuries old. 007 Quartermaster and take the time to sit in one of the wooden benches of the gallery to discuss a work of art and the future of James Bond.

9. Glen Etive, Scotland

This misty and creepy location was the background of the key scenes between M and James Bond in ‘Skyfall’, in which, for the third time, Daniel Craig offered a great performance as the British spy.

Dental care in the UK is the most expensive, followed by Italy and Spain

Dental care is in the United Kingdom by far the most expensive in Europe, followed by Italy and France, which can promote in the future cross-border dental tourism in search of the best bargains.

So says the British newspaper “The Independent”, which echoes a study at European level according to which the filling of a child wheel costs 156 euro in Britain from 135 euros in Italy and 125, in Spain, the third most expensive country it today.

On the other hand, that same operation 67 euros in Germany, 64 in the Netherlands, 47 in Denmark, 46 in France and only 18 euros in Poland and 8 in Hungary, the cheapest country of all, and the most popular destination currently costs of dental tourism.

According to the authors of the study, carried out by the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Holland), the factor that most contributes to the price of such services in all countries – spacers for braces for example – up to a 70 per cent of the total in the United Kingdom – is the cost of the labour force.

In Britain, labour costs are 2.88 euros the minute against 0.09 euros in Hungary.

The British Dental Association rejects the results of the study, published in the journal “Health Economics”, and points out that it was not representative, inter alia because it takes into account only a limited number of operations.

According to Professor Reinhard Busse, of the Berlin University of technology, who led the research team, the aim of the report is to “assist Governments plan reimbursement levels that will be necessary if increases, as you might expect, the cross-border medical tourism”.

The European Commission has proposed to open the borders of the 27 countries that comprise the patients of any of them seeking medical treatment in another, which would force the health care system of the country of origin to pay the Bill, at least in some cases.

Scotland 10 films on the occasion of the referendum

September 18 was voted in the referendum on the independence of Scotland, where he won the “no” by 55%, so that this country will remain part of the UK.

And as the reason for this historic vote we leave and Watch HD Movies 10  that speak of these lands. These movies are easy to be found on Movie4k

1. Braveheart:  (1995) Starring and directed by Mel Gibson , this film is a classic struggle over Scotland in the Middle Ages, where we see how a commoner begins a rebellion against British tyranny. The film was winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

2. Trainspotting  (1996): The bold tape 90s was where the Scottish actor Ewan McGregor rose to fame, directed by Danny Boyle has location in Edinburgh and tells the story of a group of young people who experiment with drugs.

3. Skyfall (2012) Among its various locations, also is staged in Scotland since in this film James Bond is Scottish and see at the end he returns to the house where he grew up as a child, where he must confront his enemy Silva, played by Javier Bardem.

4. Highlander  (1986) tells the story of a Scottish hero who is immortal and must fight their enemies are also immortal. In this film acting Christopher Lambert and Scottish Sean Connery .

5. Under the Skin  (2013) Scarlett Johansson is an alien who seduces lonely on the streets of Scotland Men, the hit film is to lease these cold lands.

SEE ALSO:  Groundskeeper Willie ‘The Simpsons’ defends the independence of Scotland

6. Filth  (2013) James McAvoy is a policeman with drug and alcohol problems and must solve a crime on the streets of Scotland, remember that the actor “X – Men” is also Scottish and the movie can see the real accent .

7. Brave  (2102) This brave princess Disney also comes from the Scottish Highlands, determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom and must rely on their courage and their skills archery to undo a beastly curse.

8.  The Last King of Scotland  (2006) Although this movie is staged in Uganda tells the story of Dr. Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy), a Scottish young doctor who travels to Uganda and becomes the personal physician of dictator Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) in the 70s and is named as the dictator the title of King of Scotland was invented.

9.  Made of Honor (2008) “ Dr. Mc Dreamy ” Patrick Dempsey is in love with her best friend Michelle Monaghan who is marrying a Scotsman in their lands, starring also a doctor of Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin McKidd who is Scottish see the trip Dempsey to those lands to recover his damsel. 

10. Local Hero (1983) An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refinery. But things do not go as expected, starring Burt Lancaster and Peter Capaldi who recently seen in “Doctor Who” also is staged in this country.

Vatican investigates Cardinal Bertone apartment financing

The Vatican is investigating possible illegal financing comfortable apartment occupied by Italian Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who was Secretary of State during the papacy of Benedict XVI, said a spokesman said on Thursday.

The deputy director of the press office, Greg Burke, confirmed to reporters an information of the Italian magazine L’Espresso reveals that this research.

The mauritius apartments, of several hundred square meters, is situated near the residence of Santa Marta, where he lives the Pope Francisco.

Greg Burke confirmed that two people are being investigated: Giuseppe Profiti, former president of the Roman hospital Bambino Gesù, and Massimo Spina, former treasurer of the same property, which belongs to the Holy See.

The journalist of L’Espresso Emiliano Fittipaldi, who published a book on the financial management of the Vatican, target, turn to the alleged leak of confidential documents, said research on this apartment already left in uncovered several irregularities.

Bertone, who retired from office in 2013, assured last December that the works of renovation of this apartment cost 300,000 euros. Another 200,000 euros would have been depositrados by the Bambino Gesù Foundation, while ensuring that he was not aware of it.

According to the Italian press, the apartment measures 700 m2, but Bertone assures that are less than 300 m2, and the shares with three religious and a desk.

Tips for sports fitness in the winter season at UK

Playing sports winter takes physical preparation and, above all, a lot of will. It’s cold, it’s snowing, raining and you do not see yourself go running outside? The condo offers a few technical tips for finding the necessary motivation and keep your outdoor sports activities, even in winter.

images (9)

1- Increase heating time

Before each sports session, it is important to stretch. In winter, the heating time must be increased because your ligaments, tendons and muscles take longer to relax.

2 Do not hesitate to dress warmly

But NOT TOO cover (recommended: 3 layers of upper garment). Your perspiration increases the cold. Dress yourself as if it were 12 ° more than actually. Opt for synthetic fibers (Gore-Tex, etc.).

3 – effectively cover your extremities (hands, feet and ears)

Keep the ends of your body, often exposed, dry and protected from the wind.

4 – Reduce time stayed outside and get out by midday

Do not travel too far from home and prefer short times outside, preferably around noon, when the ice is less risk. In case of problems or if the weather conditions deteriorate, you’ll be glad not to be too gone too far from home.

5 – Practising adapted sports breathing

Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth helps warm the air before it reaches the lungs, so to preserve them and avoid getting sick.

6 – Be visible in the dark

In winter the days are shorter and the nights grow longer. It is likely that your sport is night do. Wear visible clothing and if needed a headlamp.

7 – Good hydration and feeding

When it’s cold, we feel less thirsty. We must drink at least every 20 minutes. But it is recommended not to drink the water too cold, which can cause digestive disorders.

8. Increase the recovery time

Recovery is an essential element when it comes to physical activity. In winter, muscles and blood vessels are contracted. To relax, it is recommended to practice this recovery and warm longer.

9. When the activity is over, quickly get into dry clothes

In winter, the risk of hypothermia is high. Your clothes are wet because of sweat, rain or snow. Your body temperature may drop, so get dry quickly once your outdoor sports session ended.

If it really is too cold and it becomes dangerous to play sports outdoors (ground icy), practicing an activity in a gym is the best idea. This information was released by a famous gym blog Please click the website and give ratings.

The Commodification of Dentistry in UK: A Public Health

Misleading advertising, commercial that treat patients as customers and speculators entrepreneurs, have become a real problem for the sector of dentistry in Spain, as revealed in the discussion forum, organized by the College of Dentist Melbourne (EMCO) this week with the title “the commodification of Dentistry: a public health problem.”

From left. to right .: Oscar Castro Kingdom, president of the General Dental Council; Carlos Moreno Sanchez, general manager of Professional Regulation of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality; Antonio Montero Martinez, president of the College of Dentistry and Stomatology of the 1st Region (EMCO); Adolfo Jinx Ezquerra, CEO of Inspection and Management of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid and Vicente Jimenez Lopez, president of the Forums of COEM.

The meeting has had with representatives of the Administration, the General Dental Council and also with representatives of professional political groups, and patients , was moderated by Dr. Vicente Jimenez Lopez, president of the Forum News EMCO and Dr. Ramón Soto-Yarritu, former president of EMCO. Both speakers invited to discuss the four themes that mark the situation of dentistry in our country dentists excess, misleading advertising, the figure of the commercial manager in certain clinical and Spanish legislation on ownership of a dental clinic. The aim was to raise the situation and get the involvement and commitment of all parties to provide viable and real solutions.

The first to speak was Dr. Oscar Castro Kingdom, president of the General Council of Colleges of Dentistry and Stomatology of Spain, who raised the professional plethora as the source of the main problems affecting the profession. For him “Spain has become the factory of dentists in Europe, every year there are 1,850 new dentists leaving the faculties, far more than in countries like Germany or Italy. We have a dentist for every 1,200 inhabitants, upon the recommendation of the World Health Organization is one for every 3,500 inhabitants. This has led to certain employers have been found to have very cheap labor hand and have become speculators. Today there until price comparators clinics regardless care quality. ”

For his part, Dr. Antonio Montero, president of COEM, focused his speech on the problem of misleading advertising and urged the authorities to “equalize the situation between regions – since some of them are professional associations which visan advertising the sector-, and also take as a reference the main European countries. In addition, the amount of penalties for misleading advertising in Spain is small, thus, the big chains are not affected and offer them to establish their commercial and advertising strategy ,”he said.

A patient is not a client
addition, Dr. Montero raised the problem of “treating a patient as a customer, which is a commercial manager which works commis-, who receives them and try aggressive marketing techniques to ” sell “more expensive treatments, and even press professionals to meet sales targets. And now we live even worse and that goes a step further, with clinics that advertise themselves as “solidarity”, who deceive patients inflating prices of treatments and making them believe that the discount that make them a subsidy ” he added.

At this point, he coincided Carlos Moreno Sanchez, general manager of Professional Regulation of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, who noted that “in everything that has to do with health has to prioritize the welfare aspect . Therefore, a sales manager who chooses the treatment is for a patient to be unacceptable and punishable “.

“We must try to change the legislation regarding ownership of the clinics to prevent prime economic performance over the patient’s health. We ask that the owner of the clinic is a dentist or at least a professional society-in which at least 51% of society has to be a dentist, “said Dr. Montero.

Adolfo Jinx Ezquerra, CEO of Inspection and Management of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid presented the situation of the current rules, noting that “at present the two standards with which we are in the process of modification. We intend to take into account the comments of the professional groups and also to simplify the rules. At this point it is necessary to have the cooperation of professionals to conform to an applicable standard and conforming to reality “.

Finally, both the collegiate and patients affected by cases like Funnydent who attended the event made their requests to the table and representatives of political groups invited to the meeting, and completed the debate by raising the actual situation experienced professionals and patients because the situation in dentistry in our country.

The COEM has a Good Practice Guide to promote the quality of care professionals.

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Accounting is often taken little account by young and small businesses, who see it as a mere formality that brings little added value. A good quality accounting has many advantages: It can help you get forms of financing, grants, attract investors, or facilitate dealings with suppliers. In addition, if you want to give your business in the future, a good accounting will increase its value and demonstrate the historical reliability of management.

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Michael Jackson for the first time in history is overcome by a solo artist in the UK, as the highest – paid, is that Calvin Harris has broken the record in that country reaching an income of $ 66 million in the last year.

calvin harris 3

Forbes named Calvin Harris the best Dj paid in 2014, while Spotify did you track your total sales reached one billion dollars, making it the best quoted British solo artist in history.

Mark Terry, Co-chairman of Mobile DJ Melbourne, commented: “This is a historic achievement for Calvin and well deserves the recognition of being at the level of the elite of world artists” Success winter Harris.Summer , it was lowered 160 million times in the season, joining the ranks of Katy Perry, Coldplay andDavid Guetta .

Many pregnant women in the UK do not make an adequate intake of iodine

According to a new study of researchers from obgyn, the majority of pregnant women in the UK does not reach the needs of older iodine during pregnancy, which can have a negative effect on fetal brain development. The observational study measured concentrations of iodine in urine samples 100 pregnant women between 19 and 47 years of age, in the first trimester of pregnancy and used a pear questionnaire to collect information on the lifestyle of the participants. The study results showed that all women had a mild to moderate deficiency of iodine: the median urinary iodine concentration was 85.3 mg / l, compared with the recommended 150-249 mg / l range. The iodine concentration in urine was significantly higher in women taking prenatal supplements with iodine than in those not taking them . Higher consumption also improved milk iodine levels. The researchers commented that these findings are cause for concern. Women of childbearing age and pregnant women should receive information about how to improve your level of iodine through the diet. Iodine is a key component of hormones thyroid, which are crucial for brain development, particularly during pregnancy and the first months of life. Iodine deficiency, which in the past was endemic in the UK, was eradicated by increasing iodine content in milk and increased consumption of milk in the postwar years, but are emerging data suggesting that the situation might It has changed, at least among fertile women. UK has never implemented a national program of food fortification with iodine (p. Eg., Iodized salt) to ensure that the population does an adequate intake of iodine, as has been done in many countries around the world.


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