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Here you can learn all about the community of BAGNALL in North Staffordshire, UK - and the Bagnall Surname.....
(.... not to mention the Bagnells, Bignalls, Bignells, Bagnolds, etc!


Where is Bagnall?
Origin of the Placename
The Village Today
Development of the Surname
Some Bagnall Facts
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The Web Bagnall Village Website
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        Where is Bagnall?
The Staffordshire Moorlands.
Maps. Tourism."One of the most tranquil villages in Staffordshire". Local links: newspaper, radio....
       Bagnall Genealogy Forums
US/Canada; & UK/Ireland; & Australia/NZ.  Leave your ancestor's details and see if anyone links in to your family!
  The Place-name
What does the name mean?
When was it first recorded?
Some early village history.
1890 Village Map
Some useful genealogy links to aid your search for forebears. Links to other Bagnall-related websites.

  Village Scenes
Bagnall village today.
A photo trip round the village.
Scenes & Descriptions.
  Current Guest Book
Feel free to leave a message - or see if a long lost relative is looking for you!
  Some Bagnall Facts
Bagnell Dam/Ozark Lake, Mo, USA;
Bagnall Mi, USA;
Bagnall Locos, UK;
Bagenalstown, Ireland;
Bagenal Castle, Newry, NI
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  Older Guest Book entries
We've had to download the older entries - there's so many.
Use the search facility
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.5 families now reunited thro' this Guestbook!
  Development of the Surname
Different spellings,
Early & Prominent Bagnalls.
Irish Bagenals/Bagnalls.
  About me
I live near Bagnall Village &
I've been a Bagnall a long time!
Contact details.
Coats-of-Arm and their meanings, Crests, Some misconceptions corrected! Heraldic Links,
Blazons & Symbols.
  My Bagnall Family Trees
I have 2 Bagnall Lines - the male line and that of my g/g-grandmother who also carried the Bagnall surname.
  Site Map
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Expanded Family Trees
443 individuals from the early 1600s until 1901 on a searchable database - all connected in some way to the 2 Bagnall lines above.
(Pages Updated Jul 03)
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